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Learn Portuguese

IBEC offers classes of Portuguese with a communicative and intercultural approach. We teach language-culture! What does it mean? It means that Portuguese language and Brazilian Culture are learned for real-world purposes in culturally-appropriate ways.  We offer a safe and supportive environment in which our students are encouraged to talk, ask questions and expose their opinions freely about the language and the Brazilian Culture.

Portuguese as Heritage Language

The focus of heritage language instruction is to develop the student’s literacy to complement the usually already developed listening and speaking skills. At IBEC, the student will learn to read and write in Portuguese, using appropriate sentence structure and will also be able to use the everyday, current conversational speaking patterns of Brazil. Our unique curriculum is theme-based where your child will learn practical Portuguese lessons with a larger view of Brazilian culture, while acquiring vocabulary for everyday conversation. Our teachers use Brazilian books and authentic material (material created by Brazilians for Brazilians). Each lesson incorporates several items of the live language spoken in Brazil, such as stories, games, greetings and much more!


Our goal is to excite and engage children in Portuguese language and culture by immersing them in an environment full of fun discoveries.



Private Classes

We are currently accepting applications for private Portuguese lessons with a flexible and convenient schedule, at places of our student’s choice. If the student cannot go to a physical location or is far from the Bay Area, we can teach via Skype or Google Hangout. Talk to us!


If your child is already part of IBEC, but you want him/her to continue practicing the language at home, private lessons at IBEC are a great idea. If your child is not part of IBEC, this is your chance to ensure that he/she learns Portuguese and has contact with the Portuguese language. If you want to improve your Portuguese skills — oral or written — these classes are a great opportunity for you to keep up with the language.


AT IBEC you will learn Portuguese for communication in the real world in a culturally appropriate way, taught by highly knowledgeable native Brazilian teachers. Private lessons are open to all ages. We offer a special price for small groups (4 people maximum).