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We are a small, local organization with lots of passion, energy and great ideas for teaching Portuguese as foreign language and as heritage language. We need help and support from the community to make our dreams come true for the children, adults of the future. Please let us know if you would like to help bysending an email below. We appreciate your support and participation.


The majority of our students are heritage learners, meaning that they are somewhat connected to the Portuguese language and the Brazilian culture. Many speak Portuguese at home and are formally educated in English. They range form 3 to 17 years old.



The success of our program relies on the parents help and volunteering. We ask parent volunteers to help with many school activities and events.
In the classroom, parents are invited into the classroom as needed, on a rotation basis to assist on day-to-day events. At home, you are highly encouraged to work with your child to complete homework assignments each week and bring them back to class every session.  Play music and videos in Portuguese on a regular basis it can help the child learn quickly and develop confidence and familiarity with the Portuguese words, tone, and rhythm.

With our school, parents are asked to help with school events (class and performances) and donation of cash, services and/or products.

Our People  

IBEC is proud to be making a difference in the Portuguese language education. Our coordinators,  teachers, and teacher assistants are specialists in the language instruction, many with advanced degrees and years of practice, and they attend conferences and seminars to be up to date in their practices. We are a small school, but we think big. Our teachers are carefully selected to teach our students and all are native speakers. Many in our team are also co-founders and are very committed to get our program to succeed and grow. As the pillars of our organization, they work hard to get the students to be motivated, interested in learning, and to have fun in the classes.

Our locations




IBEC *East Bay* 

1319 Solano Avenue (upstairs Church on the Corner), Albany, CA


IBEC *São Francisco*

2690 Ocean Ave (Unity Spiritual Center of San Francisco), San Francisco CA 94132 


Some of our partners through the years